We don’t want to strengthen the stereotype that is lazy all bisexuals are greedy

We don’t want to strengthen the stereotype that is lazy all bisexuals are greedy

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 16 September 2019 13:10 GMT

I don’t want to bolster the stereotype that is lazy all bisexuals are greedy but on Wednesday September 11, 2019, whenever Tokyo Game Show trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake dropped, i really couldn’t do any work with three hours. Along with more or less each of games Twitter, I became swept up in a thirst publishing social networking cyclone that basically revolved around yeeting images of last Fantasy 7’s cast that is core the void and gushing on how fucking hot all are after their 22 12 months glow up.

Tifa’s hands, Reno’s chest, Biggs’ cheekbones, Aeris in that gown, Jesse’s asymmetrical bangsthem, Pygmalion style, into an Unreal Engine 4 character creator… it’s like Square Enix took a composite of all the most common features from my Tinder match list and trained an AI to sculpt. Literally making my desires become a reality.

“Tell me Ifrit isn’t bait for the absolute most intense types of bear/daddy fan art” Those eyes!” exclaims Rude as he views Cloud for the very first time. “I understand, buddy, i understand” we whisper inside my monitor when I melt in to a feckless stack of goo. Demonstrably, Rude’s commenting from the Mako coursing through every molecule of y our spiky haired protagonist’s human anatomy, however the headcanon I’m shipping has more of a ‘love in the beginning sight’ kinda vibe.

Then we arrive at Reno the cocky, open redhead that is shirted very first aided me be prepared for my bisexuality when Square Enix first released Final Fantasy 7: Advent kids in 2005. This cunning flirt, this CGI catnip in human form in the film, Reno evolved from this podgy clump of polygonal limbs to this androgynous nymph. Minimal did I’m sure it, but Reno’s appearance for the reason that terrible animated spin down movie would instigate an attraction that is lifelong (and subsequent relationship of) androgynous people, redheaded people, and individuals that like to wear matches with a lot of buttons undone.